The Flash Premier



“I’m Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.”

The last time west Barry Allen he was racing toward a destructive singularity right over his own town, Central City. While it may have looked like he would end up being the hero, that is not the case. We see him running things on his own in Star Labs without the help of Cisco, Caitlin, or Detective West. We see Eddie off sacrifice himself at the end of last season to destroy the Reverse Flash, but that is not the only casualty in this mess. It turns out that when Barry got to the singularity to stop it, he could only slow it down. Do destroy it they needed use the device to mitigate the nuclear activity on Firestorm. As Barry furiously ran to keep the singularity in check Firestorm flew into the eye of it and unleashed fury. Long story short, Ronnie did not make it out alive, while Dr. Stein lay unharmed. Barry already feels responsible for so much and then this goes and happens. Now we see why he wants to work alone, the less people involved the less people who get hurt, or worse, killed.

After a year from the singularity event Central City decides to have a “Flash Day.” While Barry does not feel like a hero, he is coaxed by Iris and Detective West to show up to “Flash Day” and accept the key to the city. He ends up arriving to accept the key and luckily he does, because a masked man with the ability to grow larger decides to crash the party. The “Atomic Smasher” as named by Dr. Stein gets away, and Barry hunts him down and gets beaten down. Cisco sets off the alarms of the building so the Atom Smasher must run away and leave Barry be. At this point the gang tries to make Barry realize that he needs them. So they then take on the Atom Smasher with a plan. The find out he feeds off of nuclear energy and they lure him to nuclear plant and feed him too much radiation. He can’t control the overload and is defeated, Just like old times! It is at this point we learn that the Atom Smasher was working for a man named Zoom.

While the episode is wrapping up Barry decides to watch a living will that Dr. Wells left him, it holds a confession that he was the one who killed Barry’s mother, and finally relieves his father from prison. The premier ends on a note that will leave with a heartwarming feeling, but with the determination that The Flash will back, better and stronger than ever!

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