Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II This installment of Fright Flicks jumps into the middle of a beloved horror franchise, the crew delve into the darkness of “Evil Dead II”.  Join us as we experience Sam Rami’s nightmarish image.

This film completely breaks the boundaries of the horror genre.  It easily lives firmly in the realm of comedy where the laughs are served up with a chainsaw.  Gore and goo is present a plenty throughout the film, which is an Evil Dead staple.  Driven by a charismatic hero in Bruce Campbell’s “Ash”, the story feels like the love child of the Three Stooges and a George Romero zombie flick.

Listen in as the crew gives their breakdown with each of their own personal opinions on the film.  We discuss our favorite moments from the movie as well as some behind the scenes trivia before judging it with our Fright Flicks 10.

Check out the audio file below to listen to the episode.

Ash Evil Dead 2

Film Fandom Breakdown:

Nick: 5/10

Sam: 6/10

Josh: 5/10

Fright Flicks Score:


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