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DLC Dilemma


One this episode the guys dissect a couple DLC release programs that came out recently.  The upcoming Season Passes were detailed for two games the guys are interested in, Star Wars Battlefront & Tom Clancy’s Division.

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R-rated revamp

deadpool___movie_poster__ Film Fandom is back after a long break!  On this episode we discuss the recent success of the film Deadpool and how many are attributing it to the r-rating.

Join us as we break down the idea and talk about our thoughts on the pros and cons of developing future films as an r-rated property.


Film Fandom Podcast Official Launch!!


Hey everyone, we are finally going live!  We are now officially open for business.  Thanks so much for stopping by, please enjoy some of our podcast episodes.  We cover all sorts of topics and genres.  Our premiere episode of Film Fandom Podcast finds us sorting out our theories after viewing the final Star Wars The Force Awakens trailer.  We also have a series on the show titled Fright Flicks where we focus on the horror genre.  Finally don’t forget to stop by Film Fandom Plays where we play and discuss video games.  You can also catch us on Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.  Thanks again for accompanying us on this journey and we hope you enjoy!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Final Trailer

star-wars-force-awakens-official-posterOur premiere episode of The Film Fandom Podcast is now live!  In our initial endeavor we delve into the final trailer released for the upcoming Star Wars The Force Awakens.

In this episode we go over some burning questions brought up in this tasty trailer.  The team also goes into some of the most anticipated things about the upcoming installment.

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