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Fright Flicks – “Trick r Treat”

Trick-r-treat-trick-r-treat-9240010-1280-960This episode of Fright Flicks has us experiencing the holiday joy of Trick r Treat.  Join us as the FFP crew break down their favorite moments of this extremely enjoyable Halloween anthology film. Read the rest of this entry

Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II This installment of Fright Flicks jumps into the middle of a beloved horror franchise, the crew delve into the darkness of “Evil Dead II”.  Join us as we experience Sam Rami’s nightmarish image.

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Fright Flicks Premiere Episode Released!


Our first episode of our Fright Flicks series is finally here!  We begin this journey with the 2008 thriller “The Strangers”.  Join us as we breakdown the film and start off our Horror Movie Leader Board.

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