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Boba 007 Sam is a devour-er of video games and “good” movies. He pretends to plays video games at a competitive level, even though he loses more than he wins. He wants to express his successes and lack of failure to the masses. He hails from Florida, accompanied by his wife and kids.

The Hosts of Film Fandom

IMG_7654 Josh’s love for movies runs deep.  He enjoys all kinds of films and loves all genres, with a particular soft spot for: horror, sci fi, and adventure..  He loves the art of filmmaking, and hopes to count himself among the coveted storytellers one day.  Josh lives in Florida with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

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The Hosts of Film Fandom

IMG_7296Nick has always enjoyed films, but it wasn’t until mid 2012 that he realized he loved them. He is fascinated with all the working parts in the production of a film, but most of all is the cinematography. He would love to start his own business relating to filmmaking, whether it be commercial or just a small side project. While he does love him some “superhero” type movies, he loves a good action and has a sweet spot for a good drama.