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DC Super Battle Beatdown!

dc-comics-character-imageIn honor of March Madness and the upcoming film Batman vs Superman we decided to do a bracket of our own.  We threw together a bracket consisting of 32 DC Superheroes and are going to have our own Battle Royale.  Check out our episode to hear the initial match ups that we drew.  Then once you are done drop us a line below in the comments or head to our Facebook Page or Twitter @FrightFandom and let us know who you think would come out victorious!

NES Nightmare

Welcome to another edition of Film Fandom Plays!!  This week the guys are taking on the Dream Master himself…Freddy Krueger.  That’s right folks we are headed into the dream world in the NES version of Nightmare on Elm Street.


Join us as we square off against Freddy and see if we have what it takes to become Dream Warriors!  NES Nightmare

Ghosted by Goblins

2361758-nes_ghostsngoblins_euWelcome back for another episode of Film Fandom Plays.  On this edition Sam and Josh take on the baddies in NES Ghost n’ Goblins.  Watch now as the guys meet their unfortunate demise.

Ghosted by Goblins

DLC Dilemma


One this episode the guys dissect a couple DLC release programs that came out recently.  The upcoming Season Passes were detailed for two games the guys are interested in, Star Wars Battlefront & Tom Clancy’s Division.

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Film Fandom Plays!

Welcome friends as we embark on another new journey!  The guys from Film Fandom Podcast have started a “let’s play” section.  We unimaginatively call it “Film Fandom Plays”.  On the show we sit back and revisit games from our past and present.

For our first attempt into the world of YouTube we are playing the NES version of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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R-rated revamp

deadpool___movie_poster__ Film Fandom is back after a long break!  On this episode we discuss the recent success of the film Deadpool and how many are attributing it to the r-rating.

Join us as we break down the idea and talk about our thoughts on the pros and cons of developing future films as an r-rated property.


Fright Flicks – “Trick r Treat”

Trick-r-treat-trick-r-treat-9240010-1280-960This episode of Fright Flicks has us experiencing the holiday joy of Trick r Treat.  Join us as the FFP crew break down their favorite moments of this extremely enjoyable Halloween anthology film. Read the rest of this entry

Keep an eye out for Film Fandom Plays!


While we may spend a lot of time breaking down our favorite films and tv shows, we also make time to play our favorite games. We hope you enjoy as we play Star Wars: Battlefront and other popular titles to come.

Welcome to Film Fandom Podcast!

Cinema lights3

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to have you as we start our journey with a podcast that will give a breakdown on yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s entertainment. This is just a bunch of words now that makes sense at all, i am just writing them to fill in some of that space that will be here.