Star Wars Battlefront Beta


For our first installment of Film Fandom Plays we will be diving into the galaxy far far away.  Keep a look out for us on Twitch at  The game’s official launch will be Tuesday November 17th.   We will keep you posted on when we will be broadcasting and when all of our other Let’s Plays will be happening so stay tuned.

The Hosts of Film Fandom

IMG_7654 Josh’s love for movies runs deep.  He enjoys all kinds of films and loves all genres, with a particular soft spot for: horror, sci fi, and adventure..  He loves the art of filmmaking, and hopes to count himself among the coveted storytellers one day.  Josh lives in Florida with his wife, two children, and two dogs.

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Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II This installment of Fright Flicks jumps into the middle of a beloved horror franchise, the crew delve into the darkness of “Evil Dead II”.  Join us as we experience Sam Rami’s nightmarish image.

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The Hosts of Film Fandom

IMG_7296Nick has always enjoyed films, but it wasn’t until mid 2012 that he realized he loved them. He is fascinated with all the working parts in the production of a film, but most of all is the cinematography. He would love to start his own business relating to filmmaking, whether it be commercial or just a small side project. While he does love him some “superhero” type movies, he loves a good action and has a sweet spot for a good drama.


The Flash Premier



“I’m Barry Allen and I am the fastest man alive.”
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Fright Flicks Top 10


Fright Flicks Premiere Episode Released!


Our first episode of our Fright Flicks series is finally here!  We begin this journey with the 2008 thriller “The Strangers”.  Join us as we breakdown the film and start off our Horror Movie Leader Board.

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Keep an eye out for Film Fandom Plays!


While we may spend a lot of time breaking down our favorite films and tv shows, we also make time to play our favorite games. We hope you enjoy as we play Star Wars: Battlefront and other popular titles to come.

Welcome to Film Fandom Podcast!

Cinema lights3

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are happy to have you as we start our journey with a podcast that will give a breakdown on yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s entertainment. This is just a bunch of words now that makes sense at all, i am just writing them to fill in some of that space that will be here.